2013 Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gift guide


It’s that time of year again! The holidays are getting close and it is time to put together my gift guide! Of course, I love all things about Christmas..getting to decorate and wrap the gift for my kid, and of course all the great food! 😉   I will be doing a Holiday Gift guide to show all my readers the great products that are out there this year for Christmas!

If you are a business looking to sponsor in this gift guide, please contact me at saviorcents@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you and work out the details to get your products out there in the spotlight in time for the holidays!

I am open to working with products of many categories. I will specifically target boys ages 3-6 and 12-14 in the children’s category. I am open to any gift ideas for children, women, men, or household items in general. I will also target reviews for animal lovers since many people love to celebrate the holidays with their pets as well! I personally have a dog and a cat.  The following are options to be included in the gift guide:

1) Product Review and Giveaway– I will write a thorough review of the product for my readers and will offer a giveaway sponsored by your company.  Please see below for details on how reviews and giveaways will be handled.

2)Giveaway only– If you would like to only offer a giveaway to my readers, I can set this up as well. There will be a $25 charge for any giveaways not accompanied by a review. Payments to be made by Paypal to saviorcents@gmail.com Please see below for information on how giveaways will be run in the gift guide.

3)Review only– product reviews without a giveaway can be done free of charge with a full sized product of at least a $25 value. Please see below for information on how reviews will be handled in the gift guide

The Holiday Gift guide giveaways will run from November 29th through December 13th. The following will be my procedures for running reviews and or giveaways:

Reviews: I will need to receive a full sized, non refundable product in return for my review. These will need to be received no later than November 20th to ensure time to actually review the item (of course the earlier received the better)  I will post reviews for products as they come in through this date. I will include personal pictures, product info, my opinion of the product, as well as links to your company site, FB, Twitter and Pinterest pages (you will need to specify these links in advance to be included). If there are any coupon codes, special offers, etc. that you would like mentioned in the review please let me know ahead of time so that I can accommodate.

Giveaways: I will start all giveaways at 12:01 A.M on November 29 (black Friday) they will all end at 11:59 PM on December 13. I will need to be notified of any giveaways to be run no later than November 20 to be included in the guide to ensure time to set the giveaway up. All giveaways will be promoted on all social media sites that I am a member of throughout the entire 14 days. I will also list on any sweepstakes sites etc to gain maximum exposure. Since giveaways will start separately from the reviews, I will also include links to the review in the giveaway posts.Entry methods for giveaways will include visiting your site, liking facebook pages and or following twitter pages. The only MANDATORY entry I will accept is to visit your site and leave a comment on my blog about a product they like or something they have learned. All other entries will be voluntary, though most readers are more than happy to complete all of the entries for more chances at the prize! The company sponsoring the giveaway will be responsible for shipping the prizes. I will have all winners info to the company as fast as possible in hopes of the winners receiving their prize in time for Christmas.

On December 1st, I will post the official gift guide. This will be a quick overview of all products that were involved through reviews and/or giveaways. It will include the product name, a one or two sentence wrap up of the product along with a link to the company site as well as the review (if the product was reviewed by me)

Added bonus: All Sponsors in my gift guide will be featured in a “sponsor list” tab on my blog. This will run until the new year and will be promoted off an on to catch readers attention as the holiday draw near! If you have a 125X125 image you would like linked to your site on this page please feel free to let me know! Otherwise, I can create one of my own.

**If any sponsor is interested in site-wide advertising in the sidebar of my blog through the holidays please contact me to discuss pricing!***

If you have any questions or would like to be featured in this guide, please feel free to contact me!  I look forward to hearing from you and hope we can work together this holiday season!

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