DIY Easter Wreath



I love decorating for the holidays.  This being our first year in our house and I’m trying to come up with creating DIY decorations for all the holidays.  Easter is no exception!  I went around the house looking for things I could use to make a cute Easter wreath.
wpid-C360_2014-03-19-11-07-51-657.jpg I found some wire out in the garage and decided I could just get it into a circle shape for whatever size I wanted it to be.  I bent one end into a little loop so I would have something to hang the wreath from.
wpid-C360_2014-03-19-11-38-21-540.jpg Now I didn’t want any of the actual wire to show so I looked for something that could cover it up.  I found green curling ribbon.

wpid-C360_2014-03-19-11-46-07-226.jpg Next I got out the hot glue gun and some Easter eggs I’ve been holding on to since last year.  and I just started gluing them on.  I put on the first layer then just went from there and added eggs where I thought it needed it.  I wanted to add just a little more to it so I took all different colors of curling ribbon and tied it around the wire  loop at the top and that is what I used to hang it to my front door!



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  1. How cute is this?! And it looks so easy too!

  2. This is freaking adorable! I need to start crafting for Easter with my little one. This would be the perfect project to try!

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