5 Eco-Friendly Green Living Tips That Save Money

5 Eco-Friendly Green Living Tips That Save Money
Eco-friendly living has risen in popularity as the goal to become green becomes a quest for the masses. Green living might be popular, but it is also a great way to save money. If you were against embracing the change because you felt it was a little too much like a modern hippy, then think again. Going green is a must for anyone who wants to keep their home updated and their bills low.

1) Solar Panels

Solar panels are probably the most cost effective ways to save money. Panels are able to store up energy from the sun that is than converted into a useable resource. Lights, stoves, heating and the like are able to be powered by solar panels. As a result, your gas and/ or energy bills will be drastically cut. Solar panels might be an costly investment at first, but they will quickly pay for themselves if you keep with it. Just think of all the cash you will save each winter with a heating bill at fraction of its previous cost.

2) Electric Cars

brand new lectric cars can be expensive. However, if you find a great used one, then it can be an amazing deal. Electric cars rarely fill up on gas due to their battery powered engine. A hybrid is also a great car to have that will help you cut down on your gas expenses each month.

3) Compost Piles

Compost piles can really make your garden grow. All you need to do is add trash to your pile that will eventually become great fertilizer. Grow a garden or add landscaping to your house with your compost pile that will save you money on store bought dirt.

4) Elementary, My Dear

Simple tasks such as turning the lights off when you leave the house or cutting the water when you brush your teeth can make a huge difference. Think about all the things you did as a child. Those little tasks can help you save on water and utility bills while also protecting the environment.

5) Recycle It!

Recycling can help you save money if you want to cash in on used goods like aluminum cans or plastic. Some states will give you money if you bring in a significant amount. You will be cleaning the earth and giving items a second chance to used again.

In conclusion, there are many ways you can recycle and save money. You just need to be willing to change your lifestyle and habits a little in order to make the switch to greener living.

Author Pam Johnson is an accountant who is passionate about the green movement. She uses her expertise of all things finance to save money while also being green. She obtained her Master of Accounting Degree from one of the best programs in the country.
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