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 Big Brain Quiz GOLD HERE

Welcome to Big Brain Quiz!

Where is the deepest lake?
Which animals hibernate in winter?
Who is the director of “Forest Gump”?
Stollen, the sweet bread with dried fruits and nuts, covered with icing sugar, originated in which country?

Find the answers to these and lot more questions from almost every field of knowledge.
Improve your brain power in a race against time with more than 2500 questions from different categories:
– Television
– Celebrities
– Video games
– Entertainment
– Movies
– Music
– Sports
– Hobbies
– Science
– Technology
– Literature
– Humanities
– History
– Geography
– Biology… and more

Test your skills and compete against players from around the world via the newly implemented Open Feint.
Enjoy learning with the best looking quiz ever with smooth animations, pleasing sounds and intuitive interface.

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