Amazon App of the day for 10/10/2012

Get Bejazzled HERE

Match 3 gameplay meets word game and it’s Bejazzled! Wordsmiths and puzzle masters, Bejazzled is the exciting new word puzzle game, from Sungift Games. This superb match 3 word puzzle game provides hours of fun, exercises the brain, and includes a fantastic jazz music soundtrack.

Choose from three different game modes. Classic mode lets you simply complete words and earn points, whereas in Action mode you play against the clock. Fill the blanks before your time runs out and gain bonus time. Endless mode provides hours of fun, and you simply cannot lose.

Bejazzled offers more than 500,000 words in 10 different languages. Build your vocabulary while simultaneously learning a new language. Furthermore, Bejazzled supports OpenFeint integration. Compete to own the leaderboards.

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