Amazon app of the day for 10/2/2012

Do you ever wonder what your dreams mean?  I know I always do!!
Check out this awesome app DREAM-e: Exploratory Dream Analysis and Interpretation

Product Description

Professional dream analysis and self-development tool. For dreamers and non-dreamers alike.

Dream journal, with unique Artificial Intelligence designed to help you understand the messages of your dreams, and how to use these messages in order to live a more fulfilled and joyful life, and connect with your subconscious potential.

• JOURNAL your dreams and interesting experiences
• ANALYZE your dreams with our interactive A.I.
• APPLY the wisdom of dreams to find meaning in your life, improve your relationships, become successful, reconnect with your life’s hidden potential.
• Get a real-time PROFILE of your subconscious potential
• SHARE your interpretations with your friends and community on Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail
• Fully adaptive and learning A.I., becomes more knowledgeable the more you use it
• BACKUP to SD card

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