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A few months ago I was introduced to a new app for my phone called BIG OVEN.
I can’t tell you how much time this app has saved me!  I love that I can search for recipes then with just a click of the button I can save it as a favorite and with another simple click I can add the ingredients to my grocery list!  Another great feature is that it connects to my facebook so I can see what recipes my friends and family are using and share the recipes my family enjoys with my friends!  I love to cook and try new things and with Big Oven I am able to find new recipes easily.  The best thing about Big Oven…its a FREE APP and you can access it online as well!  With Big Oven you can take your recipes and grocery list on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Web and Windows Phone.

You can type in your own recipes for free, but if you’d like, theycan type them in for you!

With BigOven’s RecipeScan, you simply snap a photo and they will type in the recipe for you. You get 3 free to try, and 25 more free if you join BigOven Pro. Additional RecipeScan credits can be purchased starting at just $0.59 per recipe.

BigOven Pro members also get a handy “Add to BigOven” button, letting you simply add other web-based recipes to your private collection with a click of the mouse.

I have to say I still use the FREE version and have not found a recipe app that comes even close to this one!  I recommend it to anyone looking to get more organized with their recipes and grocery lists.
Visit their site today to check out the demo!

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