FREE App of the Day! 2/6/2013

 Mahjong Deluxe 2 Mahjong Deluxe 2 takes our super popular mahjong solitaire game and brings it into a whole new world. The tiles are placed on 3D planes and you rotate around the structures to find the matching tiles. It comes with 84 puzzle layouts and all puzzles are laid out with random tile orders […]

Amazon App of the day 10/18/2012

Check out today’s Amazon App of the day 10/18/2012 Kids Animal Piano Pro HER  Colorful 9 tone piano • A variety of “instruments” like: cat, dog, rubber duck, frog, chick, pig, sheep, donkey, monkey, horse, lamb, cowbell, piano, violin and cymbal • Lots of songs like: BINGO, Black Sheep, Brother John, Happy Birthday, This Old […]

Amazon App of the day 10/17/2012

Today’s app of the day is Total Pool List Price: $1.29 Price: $0.00 You Save: $1.29 (100%) Realistic ball physics 4 levels of difficulty against which to play Intuitive touch controls; apply spin and swerve with ease 80 challenges to beat, with more coming soon World Rules, Black Ball, Eight Ball, Nine Ball, Ten Ball, […]

Amazon App of the day 10/13/2012

Tumble Eggs HERE Product Description A hen has been left on the beam of a farm house by a careless worker while the egg basket remains on the ground. Can the hen lay her eggs into the basket? She’ll need your help! Rack your brains and apply your physics knowledge to move every possible equipment: […]

Amazon App of the day 10/11/2012

Speed Math Trainer HERE Product Description Build your confidence Basic Math Training See how you score in basic math in less than one minute, and start improving immediately with Speed Math Trainer. With practice and mental exercise, getting very good at math becomes easier, the ability to concentrate becomes stronger, and confidence builds. Increased confidence […]

Amazon App of the day for 10/10/2012

Get Bejazzled HERE Match 3 gameplay meets word game and it’s Bejazzled! Wordsmiths and puzzle masters, Bejazzled is the exciting new word puzzle game, from Sungift Games. This superb match 3 word puzzle game provides hours of fun, exercises the brain, and includes a fantastic jazz music soundtrack. Choose from three different game modes. Classic […]

Amazon App for 10/9/2012

 Big Brain Quiz GOLD HERE Welcome to Big Brain Quiz! Where is the deepest lake? Which animals hibernate in winter? Who is the director of “Forest Gump”? Stollen, the sweet bread with dried fruits and nuts, covered with icing sugar, originated in which country? Find the answers to these and lot more questions from almost […]

Amazon App of the day 10/5/2012

Get Alphabet Car HERE Jump behind the wheel and buckle up for a learning journey you won’t soon forget! Alphabet Car, an innovative educational app that makes remembering letters and words fun, puts you in the driver’s seat. You’ll be fully engaged, using your eyes, ears, and hands. If you’re new to Alphabet Car, you’ll […]

Amazon App of the day 10/4/2012

Gold Mine HERE I just added this app to my kids Nabi 2 and I’ve been playing it…its a lot of fun! 🙂   Product Description It’s 1849, and there’s gold in those hills! Fetch gold, diamonds, and other treasure from mines out in the Old West using your trusty hook. Based on the original […]

Amazon App of the day for 10/3/2012

Arcana Defender  check it out HERE   Help the princess! – yeah, cliche… I know…- The Litch Lord has sent his minions after Princess Arcana. Arcana’s Defender is a light, charming, and frantic adventure of magic and mayhem. Cast spells and summons to stop the oncoming hordes from taking Princess Arcana back to the Evil […]