Pudding Slime/ Play-dough

This past week for science we did a small project….Pudding Slime/ Play-dough. We started out with the intent of making slime but in the end it was more like playdough. First we only used 3 ingredients. 1/4 cup instant pudding mix 1 cup corn starch 1/3 cup warm water Add the instant pudding mix to 1/2 of […]

DIY Pizza Lunchable!

My kids love taking the pizza Lunchables to school for lunch but they are just so expensive.  I mean $1.69 for a little cheese and 3 little pizza crust crackers and a sauce packet and a few pepperoni if you get the pepperoni kind. That is $0.53 per pizza.

Fall Door Decor!

Every year in the fall I put up a wreath I made with flowers and leaves from Dollar Tree.  This year my boys wanted to help so we made another trip to Dollar Tree for some supplies.   We found cute little Styrofoam pumpkins and a black marker.  When we got home I cute each […]

Easter Table Centerpiece

My house is starting to look more and more festive!  Today I made this table centerpiece with things from around the house and from Dollar Tree.  I got the little blue bucket and the “grass” as well as a small Styrofoam insert(the kind you use for making flower arrangements) from Dollar Tree.  The bow, Easter […]

DIY Easter Wreath

  I love decorating for the holidays.  This being our first year in our house and I’m trying to come up with creating DIY decorations for all the holidays.  Easter is no exception!  I went around the house looking for things I could use to make a cute Easter wreath. I found some wire out […]

Awesome homemade oven cleaner!

http://youtu.be/co6lye0icj0  When we first moved into our house we had a small oven fire.  We had to have someone come out and look at it.  Turns out the heating element had gone bad.  The guy told us that a lot of store bought oven cleaners are bad for the element they can cause damage to […]

Milk Jug Santa and Mrs. Claus

I don’t know about you but here at our house we go through a few gallons of milk each week.  I have been trying to find fun things to do with the kids to use these milk jugs around our house.  Check out the super cute Santa and Mrs. Claus we made from milk jugs […]

DIY Super Hero Cape!

Do you have a little one that wants to be a Super Hero for and needs a cape but the budget is tight??  Then you need to check this out!!With Halloween just around the corner I’ve been trying to find ways to get my kids costumes on a budget.  My 4 year old goes back […]

Beet Dyed Pillow Case

Make a stylish new pillowcase with your kids! Supplies: 1 cotton pillowcase 2 medium beets 2 cups white vinegar Large pot Rubber bands Instructions: Prepare your pillowcase by mixing two cups of vinegar with eight cups of water in a large pot. With the help of a grown-up Sprout, simmer your cotton pillowcase on low […]

Homemade Microwave Cleaner!

Best homemade microwave cleaner EVER!!! When I first heard about this CRAZY microwave cleaner I thought it would never work!  I was pleasantly surprised when it did work! All you have to do is slice a lemon and put in it 8oz water. The directions I found said to boil it for 20 seconds in […]