Homemade Dishwasher Powder

In trying to find ways to save money I’ve decided to attempt to make my own homemade dishwasher powder!  To my surprise it was EASY and works GREAT! With 3 simple ingredients you can start saving money too! INGREDIENTS:    2 cups Borax You can find it at Amazon  or I got mine at my […]

Easter Egg Necklace

This craft is so pretty, and so easy! Let your kids pick out their favorite jelly beans and customize each necklace with a ribbon of their choice. Best for kids ages: 3 and up What you’ll need: Plastic eggs, jelly beans, elastic thread, ribbon, needle (larger plastic needles for more kid-friendly version) How to make […]

Paint Chip Easter Egg Art

This pretty Easter artwork can be made on the cheap with free paint chip samples from home improvement stores. Have kids pick out a variety of colors to use, then cut them out using our egg and bunny templates (available below). Attach the paint chip eggs to a 12×12-inch piece of scrapbook paper with adhesive […]

Easy Spoon Candy

Sweet candy spoons are the perfect treat for after Easter dinner, and kids will love getting creative with making their own. Adults should take charge of melting both milk and white chocolate; once the chocolate is melted, pour just enough into each spoon so it doesn’t spill over but is full. Drizzle leftover melted chocolate […]

Homemade Hair and Nail treatments!

  Hair and Nails   Black Tea or Beer: Lackluster hair needs a pick-me-up? A cup of tea or beer doubles as a shine enhancing hair rinse. Add the tea or beer directly to your locks after shampooing, then condition and rinse as usual.   Egg Yolks: Does a recipe call for just an egg white? Save […]

Homemade Acne Treatments

  Do you have acne troubles..before you go out spending lots of money check out these at home treatments!! 🙂 Acne Treatments   Ginger: No matter how hard I try, when I buy fresh ginger I always end up with extra. Luckily, because ginger increases blood circulation and acts as an anti-inflammatory, it wards off blemishes […]

Skin Treatments with things found in your kitchen!!

Create your own spa day at home by creating skin treatments using things found in your kitchen!! Skin Treatments Yogurt or Sour Cream: Since dairy touts the same lactic acids as those $50 face creams, use a dollop of yogurt or sour cream to make a rejuvenating masque that lightens sun spots and wards off wrinkles. […]

Kid’s Craft: Let’s Make Some Homemade Gak! It’s Squishable Sqeezeable fun!

My daughter told me the other day that we needed to make some homemade Gak. It is every kids biggest dream to have mass quantities of Gak!! It is the incredible, squishable, squeezeable, squashable, stretchable, bounceable, ploppable, poppable stuff. You pick it up and your cannot put it back down!! The downfall to Gak is the […]

Homemade Chalk

Homemade Chalk Difficulty: Easy Age: 4 and up What you’ll need: Aluminum foil if you are using a toilet paper tube (or petroleum jelly if you’re using an ice cube tray) Disposable plastic container Plaster of Paris Toilet tissue tube (or an ice cube tray to create smaller chunks for younger hands) Duct tape Liquid […]

Shape Stencils

Shape Stencils Supplies Plastic coffee lids Paper Markers Paint Paint brush Safety scissors Instructions Draw various shapes on different coffee lids. Using safety scissors, cut the shapes out of the lid. Place the new stencils onto a piece of paper and paint inside the area. Use different stencils to make different shapes all over the […]