Great Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill this Summer!

  Summer is here and its that time of year when electric bills can go sky high!  Try some of these great ways to lower your electric bill this summer. Check all the utility companies in your area to make sure your getting the best possible rate for your family. Keep your drapes or blinds […]

Ways to Save for a Family Vacation!

If your family is anything like mine, going on a family vacation this summer can seem like a far fetched dream.  Trying to find ways to save for a family vacation might seem daunting!  My husband and I have already decided it is not an option we ARE going on a vacation this year.  We […]

Ways to Save Money on Your Water Bill

Check out these great ways to save money on your water bill!  With just moving into a house my husband and I are looking into ALL the ways we can save money.  I received some great tips from out city water department and wanted to share them all with you! Save Money on Water Usage […]

Great ideas for using those leftovers in your fridge!

I don’t know about you but we seem to ALWAYS have leftovers and I ALWAYS seem to struggle to think of new ways to use them.  I often send some to work with my husband for lunch the next day, but what to do with the others??  I hate the thought of throwing food away […]