A week or two ago I posted a question to Facebook about home school.  Well my husband and I have decided this year we are going to start homeschooling our two boys.  They will be starting 2nd and 3rd grade. I plan to start next Monday, the 14th of August.  The boys are super excited..I’m […]

All Registered for Kindergarten! AHHHH

   So on Friday I got all the final paperwork turned in to get Isaiah, my 5 year old,  all registered for kindergarten.  He is very nervous about it and says he doesn’t want to go.  I’m hoping that all changes when we are able to go in and meet the teacher and see the […]

Getting in Shape…Join me!

 So a few weeks ago I tried on a pair of jeans that fit me not that long ago.  Now they are to tight.  I could hardly button them up and when they were buttoned FORGET about breathing.  That is when it hit me.  I NEED TO GET SERIOUS ABOUT GETTING IN SHAPE!  When I […]

A little about me! :-)

My first 4 year old son was born with bilateral cleft lip and palate. I didn’t know how I was going to handle everything I was going to need to do to help him to grow and go though the surgeries. I remember how nervous and scared I was. It was going to be […]

Insecurities, Self Doubt and Fear…Let’s Kick Them to The Curb! Part 1

I know at times in our lives we all suffer from insecurities. However lately I have come to the conclusion that I have insecurities and fears self doubt that I put on myself in many areas of my life. This will be a series of personal posts! I was at the doctor with my two […]

Being Healthy….why is it so difficult for me? Lets all help each other better ourselves! :-)

So I really want to be motivated to eat better and work out and to teach my children to be healthier! I’m 28 and not in horrible shape.  I’d say I’m about 5’5″ and weigh around 125-130lbs. Now I know that is not over weight for my height or anything like that….BUT I feel like […]

Self Image Issues

  So I don’t usually do this but I want to let y’all in on one of my personal struggles…my self image issues. I know this is something many people struggle with and maybe together we can encourage and help each other. There are many times I look at myself in the mirror and wonder […]