Diaries of a Potty Training Mom


Today started out AWESOME with the potty training! 🙂  Yesterday I took Isaiah out to buy him some Diego underwear!  He has done fantastic.  He put on his new underwear yesterday and we only had two accidents all evening.  For bed time we put him in a diaper but kept the  underwear on over the diaper.  This morning at 8 AM Isaiah woke me up to tell me he needed to go potty!   Since then he has gone potty twice and kept his underwear dry!  Fingers crossed that things keep going this way and he keeps Diego dry!!
OHHH on a side note..when Isaiah sat on the potty today Jude my 2 year old came in and wanted to sit too!!   This could be the start to an amazing thing for us.  The thought of no diapers..it makes me want to throw a party!

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