Diaries of a Potty Training Mom


Well these past few days I haven’t been able to post on here about our potty training adventures.  Isaiah has his on and off days.  One day he is sooo excited about being in underwear and then the next day he REFUSES to wear them!  Today is an ON day!!  It looks like we have found a new reward for him to go on the potty…something I would have NEVER thought of.  He likes to empty his little potty into the big potty all by himself when he is done.  He gets super excited every time he goes.  🙂   I am not sure what to do about when we are in the car.  Sometimes it seems like after I put that diaper on him for the car ride he doesn’t want to switch back to the underwear.  I am honestly considering just covering his car seat and the van seats with towels that way if he has an accident the towels will catch it.  I don’t know that just creates so much more laundry.  Any ideas how to help me with this part of the potty training?

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