Diaries of a potty training mommy!

Well our potty training didn’t go to well yesterday.  Isaiah was DETERMINED to stay in a diaper..not even a pull up a DIAPER 🙁  Every time I changed his diaper I tried to get him to sit on the potty but that was a battle, one that I lost about 90% of the time.
I was able to get him to sit on the potty two or three times though the whole day.
It was a LOOOONG, stressful, unsuccessful day.

Today has gotten off to a much better start.  This morning he sat on the potty and went! 🙂  Then he put on big boy underwear.  He has had one accident and was upset because he peed in his Mickey Mouse underwear.  He did get over that “trauma” when he saw he had some Goofy underwear to put on lol.  He has been doing really well today telling me when He has to go potty.

Sometimes I wonder if he will ever want to be fully potty trained.   Some days he seems to be VERY attached to the diapers.  Then other days he gets so excited about wearing big boy underwear and going on the potty.  I can’t wait to get him out of fully out of diapers and then get started with his younger brother Jude! 🙂

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