Diaries of a potty training mommy!


As most of you know I am working with my son Isaiah on POTTY TRAINING.
Isaiah will be 3 in May.   He did a fantastic job with his potty training on Thursday and Friday.  This weekend we hit a little bump in the potty training road.  We were running around all weekend so he was in pull ups and diapers and didn’t want to go on a potty that was BIG!
This morning  he REFUSES to put on his big boy underwear and sit on the potty.  He told me he just wants his diaper.  AHHHH I don’t know what to do.  I have been so excited to have on kid out of diapers and don’t want to see him regress!
I am trying to not be to pushy with him..I know he will do it when he is ready, but, I am sooo ready 🙂
I am going to keep asking him if he has to go and trying to get him to sit on the potty.
I’ll let you know how all that goes tomorrow………

The Cute Kid

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