DIY Super Hero Cape!

Super Hero Cape CollageDo you have a little one that wants to be a Super Hero for and needs a cape but the budget is tight??  Then you need to check this out!!With Halloween just around the corner I’ve been trying to find ways to get my kids costumes on a budget.  My 4 year old goes back and forth at what he wants to be.  We have gotten many costumes from different resale shops like Goodwill but sometimes he wants to be his own character…Baseball Man.
My 3 year old wanted an Iron Man birthday party and while trying to figure out an activity for the kids to do I thought why not combine my 4 year old wanting to be Baseball Man with the activity.  For our birthday party activity all the kids made their own super hero capes.

The Supplies:  (I ended up using hot glue instead of the fabric glue.)

super hero cape pic 2 edited







How to:

  1. I took each t-shirt and put it face (front side) down and cut along the inside of the seam all the way up the back of the shirt.  I actually we all the way down the front of the shirt as well.
  2. Unfold the shirt and lay it out on the table. super hero cape pic 4 edited




super hero cape pic 5 edited

3. Cut the front of the shirt off by cutting around the neck of the shirt.  Cut the neck apart and glue the Velcro              strips to the ends so the kids will be able to put on and take off the cape easily!

4. Give the kids fabric markers and let them go crazy decorating the cape or you could decorate something for them!

My 4 year old wanted a “Baseball Man” cape:
He gets comments on it everywhere and loves it!
super hero cape pic 7 edited


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