Dreaming of the future…

Being in the hospital this past week with my son we have been watching a lot of Elmo and Mickey Mouse.   On those rare occasions when he is sleeping and I can watch whatever I want I LOVE to watch the different shows on TLC like 4 Weddings and Say Yes to the Dress.  My husband and I have been married for 5 years.  Our wedding was beautiful but very small.  I would love to be able to plan a bigger ceremony for our 10 year.  One where I can find  beautiful but cheap wedding dresses to try one and pick from.  I want that day to get to feel like a princess.  To have someone else fix my hair and do my makeup.
I have always wanted a dress with a little color on it..some shade of blue.  I’d have to say I love this dress:
Dress 2 Dress first 1

I know I have 5 more years to wait for our 10 year and only time will tell if we will be able to do a big ceremony, but I just LOVE looking at dresses and dreaming of  everything I could do to decorate and what everyone  could wear.  I’ve even struggled with thinking about bridesmaids dresses.  I have never been a bridesmaid but I would hate the though of paying a ton of money for a dress that I would only wear once…so I would love to find a dress that my friends would be able to wear other places.  I’d also love for it to somehow match the wedding dress.  Maybe like mirror colors..where mine would be blue the bridesmaids would be white and where mine is white they would have blue.  Maybe something like this in those colors:
Dress 3 Thank you for dreaming with me about what my dream dresses would be 😉

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