Easy Home Upgrades on a Budget

Happy family painting walls. Easy Home Upgrades on a Budget

Make a better home for your family without a big investment

Many of us have a list of projects throughout our home that we will take on when we finally have the time and/or money to do it. Whether your list includes functional improvements or cosmetic upgrades, they are all equally important in making your house feel more like a home for your family.

Home improvements don’t need to become a time consuming, expensive and stressful project for your family. With a little thinking outside the box and some of your family’s own elbow grease, you can achieve the look and feel you always wanted without stepping outside of your family’s budget. Here are some ideas for common home improvements and how you can make them work for your family’s home.

Beefing up your security

No matter what neighborhood you live in, the need for home security systems is always there. The common assumption is that installing a home security system is very expensive and also expensive to maintain. You may have to do some research, but there are many companies around the US, like ADT home security Baltimore, have created a wide range of options in home security.

Although the initial installation is a small investment, the peace of mind you will give to your family will be worth every penny. Installations can be quick and easy to work into your schedule. Many companies also offer DIY options if you want a weekend project for the family. Check with your local companies to find the right option for you

Quick additions to the kitchen

It is hard to get around the big issues that can arise with the kitchen. New cabinetry and appliances are very expensive and often time consuming projects. But don’t lose hope! There are some ways you can cut corners and still receive the same desired effect.

If you have appliances that are breaking down and not functioning correctly anymore, unfortunately the only fix is to replace them. Try to focus on one at a time to make the transition easier on the wallet. If you are looking for just cosmetic improvement on your appliances, consider ordering matching paneling for them. This will give your appliances an updated look without spending hundreds on new equipment.

Think in a similar way with your cabinets. If they are still functioning well, do you need to replace then all, or would new paint or finish suffice? Another easy trick to add a modern feel to old cabinetry is replacing the handles, which is also very inexpensive.

Be your own landscape architect

Landscape Architects are highly paid, constantly sot after professionals. They do a fantastic job, but with a little creative flair and some simple math, you can revamp your yard for much less money than you would pay the professional.

Make it a fun weekend project for the family. Kids love to play in the dirt, so let them play and teach them math in the process. Materials are usually inexpensive and you can often use things that are already around your home. Search for unique rocks, logs and other materials that can help you create a one-of-a-kind look that will reflect you and your family’s personalities.


Image: http://www.rmcherrycreek.com/blog/great-diy-beginner-projects-from-hgtv-and-more-2/

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  1. It’s definitely time to start our list of spring projects! So glad for better weather coming soon!!!

  2. You can never be too careful or too safe – especially with people leaving their homes to travel in the spring and summer – this is a really good upgrade!

  3. Great tips! We are going do some upgrades to our house this year too. Slowly so we don’t have huge bills, all at once!

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