Eating better…my little OOPS

Wendy's  Well I guess you could say I had a “cheat” day yesterday..or cheat meal.  I have been doing really good watching what I eat and working out SUPER hard.  I have the wonderful opportunity to be a stay at home mom so I’ve been able to work out for a hour or more each day at my house.  I have really found that I love working out, I just had to find workout programs that I like and that has made it easier to do each day.
I’ve been really excited to start seeing results and that was super exciting.  I am struggling to lose the muffin top but my abdominal muscles above that are starting to show.
Yesterday we had a busy evening running some errands and my husband was craving a hamburger.  He asked if I wanted to go to Wendy’s to eat and the thought of not cooking sounded great to me!  When we got there I knew I should order a nice little salad but I saw the burgers and decided to indulge myself.  I ordered the number 2 the 1/2 lb cheese burger, fries and a Dr. Pepper.  I have to tell you I enjoyed every bite of it but at the same time felt guilty about it.
I have decided that every once in a while its ok to have a meal like that as long as its not every day or every week.  I really watch my calories and the types of food I’m eating lately and one indulgence meal isn’t going to totally mess everything up.
I have been extremely hard and strict on myself though this process and I am trying to remember I’m not looking to lose a ton of weight 10 lbs or so I just really want to tone up my muscles and lose the muffin top/ love handles.
What are your health goals?

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