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jaybird Jaybird creates state of the art headphones for active lifestyles. Check out jaybirdsport.com for details. Every single day someone will win a pair of free headphones from this campaign. 

I don’t know about you but I am ALWAYS looking for a good quality pair of headphones for my phone.  I’ve spent a lot of money buying different kinds of headphones and ear buds.  It seems like the either fall apart quickly or they don’t fit my ears right.  I hate when I”m working out and I have to keep adjusting the ear buds because they are falling out.  Jaybird has so many different styles of headphones here.
They have the PATENTED SECURE FIT FOR SPORT ULTRA-COMFORTABLE, ULTRA-SECURE:  BlueBuds X is locked and loaded ready or anything you can dish out. Patented sports ear cushions hug into the top, back & lower surface areas of the ear, all essential to lock in for sports. JayBird offers the very best in secure fit for sports & fitness.

Another great feature is X-FIT OVER/UNDER-EAR FIT OPTIONS:
A stand out feature of BlueBuds X is the ability to lift the cord off your neck for a super liberating workout experience. JayBird’s patent pending X-Fit™  allows for the headphones to be used either in the traditional under-ear wearing style for music & calls, or over-ear, designed for those wanting a great sports music experience, free of anything on your neck.

JENNA VOICE PROMPTS:  Having voice on board makes for a great user experience. With voice prompts, getting to your first track is so smooth and simple.  Put your headphones on, hold the power button and Jenna takes over saying “power on”, then “headphones connected”. Push play and your music begins. Jenna also helps with pairing.

SIGNAL PLUS FOR SKIP-FREE MUSIC:  Use your music device left/right side, above/below waist, it doesn’t matter with SignalPlus™. Considerable innovation has gone into SignalPlus™, the ability to run and play sports outdoors while using your music device anywhere on your body without the traditional limitations of your body getting between the devices and blocking signal. Even put
your phone/music device in a bag at the gym and workout at a good distance without signal droppage.

They also offer an 8 hour battery:
To understand how remarkable an 8 hour battery is you need to first begin with the size of the product to understand the significance of the achievement.
BlueBuds X are simply the smallest Bluetooth headphones in the world, add in the remarkable playtime, the BlueBuds X are simply the most progressive Bluetooth headphones available.

Do you enjoy a intense workout and tend to sweat?  Well Jaybird has include a Lifetime Warranty Against Sweat across all JayBird products.

BlueBuds X is compatible with any Bluetooth stereo device: Still not sure if your device is compatible?
Click live help to double check with us about compatibility with your device. We will help search online for your device user manual or specs.

Honestly looking at the price of the Jaybird headphones I was a little concerned because it is a bit high..but after reading all the great things about the Jaybird headphones I was blown away that they weren’t more expensive!  After looking back at all the money I have spent on the headphones that have fallen apart or don’t fit correctly I’ve probably spent more than the cost of at least one pair of Jaybird headphones!  These are definitely going on my Christmas wish list this year!!! 🙂

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