Fall Door Decor!

front door Every year in the fall I put up a wreath I made with flowers and leaves from Dollar Tree.  This year my boys wanted to help so we made another trip to Dollar Tree for some supplies.   We found cute little Styrofoam pumpkins and a black marker.  When we got home I cute each of the pumpkins in half.  This was super easy because the pumpkins were hallow and split right apart.  My boys each took a black marker and started to decorate their “Jack O Lanterns.”
We have a gate door on the front of our house so I simply took a small nail and poked holes in either side of the jack o lanterns and put string though them.  I used the string to tie them up to the gate door.

The boys are excited that they got to help with the little bit of outside decorations we did.  I’m excited that we got to do a cute little project that only cost $5 (two pumpkins, two black markers and a roll of string all from Dollar Tree) and there was VERY little clean up!

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