Do you have a favorite grocery store?

Do you have a favorite grocery store?  Today I had to go get milk and of course I left the store with a ton of other stuff too.  I ended up spending about $75 but I walked out with soo much stuff!  That is why I love Aldi.  They may not carry everything I need but they have the majority of it and with what they do carry I can save a TON.  The Aldi I go to sometimes carries name brand things like Pop Tarts and other things at different times but I usually stick with their brand.  The quality is the same as name brand (sometimes much better) and the price is ALWAYS better.  I have started cutting back on the amount of ground beef we eat and was nervous about switching to ground turkey because of the price. However I found 1 pound packages of ground turkey in the freezer section at my Aldi store for less then the ground beef. Since I found the turkey I haven’t bought a single pound of ground beef!  Now if Aldi doesn’t have it then you can find me at Kroger looking for it.  Kroger would be my 2nd go to store for sure I love being able to earn the points to get money off gas!

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  1. Heb

  2. We know we know lol

  3. My favorite store was Publix, we just moved and our area does not have one – I miss it. Their deals/sales were always amazing. Now I am learning to appreciate Fred Meyer but still hunting as I have a few to explore yet.

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