Finding Workout Motivation or Inspiration

I’ve gotten to where I search YouTube for great workout videos that are fun.  I’ve done the Walk Away the Pounds videos but needed more for my love handle sections.  I found a work out yesterday that really pushed my back and my sides to move and I can REALLY feel it today.  It was a video from TiffanyRotheWorkouts on YouTube.  It is one that is definitely going on my list to do at least once a week.  Muscles in my back and sides hurt that I didn’t even know I had lol.
I’m still following my calories on My Fitness Pal and watching what I eat each day.  With Easter coming up I’ve gotten a little worried about getting off track with a big family meal.  I think one day every once in a while its ok to let lose and have fun and indulge a long as I can still stop myself when I’m full and not eat the snacks just because they are there in front of me.  I’m trying to make it more about portion control and less about giving up foods that I enjoy.
I can tell that since I’ve started working out and eating better I seem to have more energy and I hope that continues to go up and up so I can be more active with my boys!    🙂

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