Free Online Chore Chart!! Helps Keep Kids Motivated and Doing their Chores!!

I’ve been wanting to find a new job system for my kids before summertime hits my house (yeah, you totally know what I mean)! I wanted to be a step ahead–having a good system in place so I don’t have to nag at my kids when we should be making the most of our time together. I can’t even tell you how EXCITED I am to share this post!

Yes, there are so many cutesy charts out there in Pinterest/blog-land that may work great for some of you. I’m not putting them down in any way. I’ve seen some REALLY cool, impressive systems and I think they’re all great! But for me…well, I’ll be honest. Most of them require too much maintenance on MY part. I’m a great starter…until it becomes too much work for me to keep up with it all. I don’t like laminating charts, updating jobs, monitoring progress, flipping over magnets, sliding in chore cards, tallying up points, trying to remember who’s supposed to do what on which day, trying to find a good wall for these charts to hang on, keeping track of the dry erase markers, and all the headache that goes along with paying up and trying to be consistent and fair. I have five busy kids and am in school full-time. This new system was an answer to prayers.


 Let me tell you– this system is hands down the best one I’ve ever seen. (No, I’m not paid by the company–I’m just so in love with it and want to share my success with everyone!)My awesome friend enlightened me to it’s magic and now I’m sharing it with you…
It’s called My job chart. It’s free and so easy to use! Here’s how it works:
You take about an hour or so, depending on how many jobs/kids you have (that’s about how long it took me), to set it up. Believe me, it’s so very worth your time.
The kids can access it from any computer, ipad, ipod, tablet, the wii, some phones, and probably other electronic devices I’m not thinking of …maybe even from their DS (haven’t tried that yet)!
It puts them in total control and is great for all ages. Even my little 4 year-old can do it all by herself!
Once you get it set up, there’s very little maintenance on your part. And the cool thing is that it feels like a game to them. My kids are beyond excited and have been cleaning like crazy!
Here is an example of what their job screen might look like–> myjobchart2
1. The kids do the jobs, which earns them points as they check them off.
2. They get to “spend” their points on whatever privileges or $ amount I put in there for them to choose from.
3. Once they’ve chosen, I’m notified (your choice– email or text) to pay up…and I love that it’s not always in money! It’s wonderful!
So it’s simple to use and kids love it!!
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