A Fresh Start

I’ve really been confused with my blog this past year or so.  I’m not sure what direction to go in and I get overwhelmed by it.  I started getting easily frustrated with the whole thing and really stopped enjoying it.  I took a break but still found myself frustrated with myself if that makes any sense.  Well I’ve decided to get focused again and write.  I’m hoping I still have a few of you that follow the page and plan to work hard to keep it interesting and fun.  That is what I want Savior Cents to be FUN!  I want it to be a place to learn, share and grow together.  Thanks for sticking with me when I”m sure I had moments I sounded like a crazy person! 🙂
Time to get on track and enjoy this process once again.

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  1. I can totally relate to feeling burnt out with blogging. Life is sometimes overwhelming it is hard to find strength for your passion or hobby. Just remember, life will work itself out and the joy and fun will return. Thank You for sharing! 🙂

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