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I was given the opportunity to do a review on a baby boy bodysuit from

When I received the Circus Train Short-Sleeve Organic Bodysuit I was very excited!  The bodysuit is made of 100% super soft organic cotton.
The colors of the circus train cars is bright and fun!   I can’t wait to give this body suit to a good friend of mine for her cute baby boy.  I love knowing that I am giving him something cute and safe for his skin!

The fabric is very soft and made from 100% organic cotton. The thickness is great and the seams show its well made and an item of clothing thats going to last more than just

a few washes. It is great for layering in the cool winter months or perfect on its own with its cute embellished clown car themed embroidery design.


“Why Organic?”

Funkoos’ addresses this question on their website, explaining with the following:

Cotton crops alone account for a whopping $2.6 billion in pesticides used each year. Fabrics infused with pesticides are often responsible for a wide array of allergies, respiratory ailments, and rashes.

A newborn baby, an infant or a toddler’s skin is thin, more porous, less oily and very fragile when compared to those of adults. This makes their skin prone to external infections. With this, melanin formation is also restricted which is the key for protection against sunburns. Also, it is difficult for them maintain their internal body temperature due to their inability to sweat effectively.

With the baby still in the process of adapting to his environment, any form of external irritant and pollutant can easily make them susceptible to bacteria and other infectious organisms and diseases. This implies that there is a higher level of risk involved pertaining to health for children.

Organic clothes are the answer to all the issues mentioned above. They are made of raw cotton that are neither chemically treated nor genetically modified. Being natural, it is soft and provides for comfort and easy breathing for the child.

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