Going back to school….

My husband and I have been talking about me going back to work outside of the house.  I have my associates degree in Elementary Education but don’t really want to go into teaching.  SO the big decision is what do I do?  I need something that will allow me to still be available for my kids.  I don’t want to have to put them into daycare, I want to be the one that is still there for them before and after school.
After lots of thought and prayer I have decided I want to go back to school for Real Estate.  I can’t tell you how scared I am at the thought of being in a class room again.  I haven’t even gotten the nerve to call the local colleges to talk to someone about the classes.  I haven’t been in a classroom in 10 years and going back just really gives me such anxiety!   I know it will be a good thing for my family and I will still be able to devote some time to blogging which I am trying very hard to get better with.    I want my kids to grow up and be proud of their mom and what I have accomplished.   I want to be proud of myself for my accomplishments too and not wonder what I did with my life.  I am praying for the courage to do what I need to do to make this a reality for me and for my family.

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