Google Adwords Service Agreement

4 Ad cancellation. Unless there is a policy, program user interface or agreement on these terms (an “IO”), any party may cancel an ad at any time prior to the auction or placement of the ad, but if the customer cancels an ad after a commitment date indicated by Google (p.B a booking-based campaign), the customer is responsible for any cancellation fees that Google has communicated to the customer (if any) and the ad may continue to be published. As a general rule, cancelled ads are no longer made within 8 hours of work or as described in an E/A directive or directive, and the customer is required to pay all costs arising from the ordered announcements (for example. B conversion-based fees). The customer must cancel ads (i) online via the customer`s account if the feature is available, (ii) if this feature is not available, with notification to Google by email to the customer account agent or (iii) if the customer does not have an account representative, with notification to Google by email to (together the “Cancellation Process”). The customer is not exempt from Creative`s payment obligations that the customer did not pass on or communicate after the due date indicated by Google. Google is not bound by an IO provided by the customer. 10. Limitation of liability. Google has no responsibility to track, ae, indirect, exemplary, punitive or otherwise, whether in a contract, an unlawful act or any other legal theory, as part of this AdWords API agreement, even if it is informed of the possibility of such liability and regardless of a breach of a core purpose of a limited remedy. In the event that any of the above points are unenforceable, Google`s overall liability under this agreement is limited to the higher amount of $1,000 or the amount of AdWords API fees you paid to Google the month before the fee. The AdWords API is primarily provided as a convenience for Google users and they accept that the exclusions and limitations of liability provided in this Agreement (including, but not limited to this section and section 9) constitute a fair distribution of risks and an essential element of this agreement, including and without limitation of the fees charged by Google.

The customer guarantees that anything messageKEY can be used in the PPC campaign is legally in the customer`s possession or is authorized to the customer. The Client undertakes not to deny MESSAGEKEY any third-party claims regarding any aspect of the PPC campaign, including, but without restriction, all claims, commitments, losses, costs and claims, including legal fees resulting from harm caused by the customer`s products/services, material provided by the client, copyright violations and defective products sold through the PPC campaign. The customer agrees to compensate MESSAGEKEY for liability for problems/dysfunctions caused by third-party services that the customer may use, such as reseller accounts, shopping carts, shipping, hosting services, real-time credit card processing and other services related to the ownership and operation of the PPC campaign. The client acknowledges the following with respect to services: Some of the tactics that MESSAGEKEY will use in its service offering are: PPC Campaign and Optimization Services must provide the customer with a privileged positioning in selected paid search engine inclusions and report results continuously and in a timely manner.

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