Great Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill this Summer!

Great Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill


Summer is here and its that time of year when electric bills can go sky high!  Try some of these great ways to lower your electric bill this summer.

Check all the utility companies in your area to make sure your getting the best possible rate for your family.

Keep your drapes or blinds closed. The sun shining in can add unwanted heat to your house.  Using heavy curtains or blackout curtains can be a big help in keeping the heat out.  (They are also great for keeping the heat in, in the winter!)  The heavy drapes are very effective in keeping the cool air from your air conditioner in your house during those hot summer months.

Ceiling fans and windows are a great option to help save some money!  On those days that aren’t scorchers turning on the ceiling fan and opening the windows can help keep the house comfortable.  Using ceiling fans and even window fans uses much less electricity than running the AC.

If its a nice day outside hang your clothes to dry.  Using a dryer adds a lot of unnecessary heat. Not only will you be saying by not running the dryer you won’t be adding any extra heat to the house!  You could also start doing your laundry later in the evening.  It is a good way to lower your energy consumption during the peak daytime hours.

Buy a thermostat that is programmable.  Just by simply setting the thermostat a couple degrees higher when no one is home will greatly lower your electricity use.

Make sure you are cleaning or replacing the filters for your air conditioner every month.  Dirty filters can restrict the flow of the air and can cause the air conditioner to use more power to keep your house cool.  Making sure the filters are clean can reduce your electricity and save you some money on your monthly electric bill.

Running your dishwasher can add unnecessary heat. Start washing your dishes in the sink by hand.  It will help lower your electricity bills.

If your looking for new appliances be sure to look for some energy-efficient ones.  They will use less water and less electricity than other appliances.

If your not using the appliances or lights turn them off!  Many appliances will still use a little bit of electricity when they aren’t being used.




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