Homemade Microwave Cleaner!

Best homemade microwave cleaner EVER!!!

When I first heard about this CRAZY microwave cleaner I thought it would never work!  I was pleasantly surprised when it did work!
All you have to do is slice a lemon and put in it 8oz water.
The directions I found said to boil it for 20 seconds in the microwave…I don’t know about your microwave but mine doesn’t boil ANYTHING in 20 seconds so I put it in for 2 minutes.
After the 2 minutes I used a wet wash cloth and wiped the microwave clean.  There were some spots I had to apply a little pressure to get the more stuck on messes out but this was nothing compared to what I normally have to do to get it clean.
This is the ONLY way I will be cleaning my microwave from now on!!!

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