Homemade Thor Hammer and Football Helmet

Halloween Costumes

So this year for Halloween my 4 year old decided he wants to be Thor and my 3 year old wants to be a football player.
I had found a Thor costume at a local Goodwill so I was excited about the savings there…until one day Isaiah saw a Thor hammer for sale at Walmart and decided he wasn’t really Thor without the hammer.  With only a few days till Halloween and no money in the budget for the hammer I had to think quickly.
Our solution:  I took a large yogurt container and my husband cut a hole in it the size of a paper towel roll.  I spray painted the paper towel roll black and covered the yogurt container in duck tape.  Then stuck the paper towel roll though the holes in the yogurt container and that is how we made our Thor Hammer!
Next Jude was determined he had to be a football player.  That was a hard one for me because I couldn’t find ANY football costumes at Walmart.  So I started looking around the house to see what I could find.  The first thing that came to mind was Isaiah’s baseball helmet and how in the world could I make it look like a football helmet.  Sooo, I googled football helmets and found some pipe cleaners and off to work I went.
Both boys seem to really love their homemade additions to their costumes and can’t wait to go Trick or Treating tomorrow! 🙂

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