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Hunger Chews

So I (All Things Abby) received some of ReBody’s Hunger Chews to go along with my SafSlim. I wondered what it is that they’re supposed to do, so I checked out the website and did some reading. It turns out that they contain Satiereal which helps curb hunger and cravings as well as suppress emotional eating impulses! Ummmm…hello? Were these made exclusively for me? I’m a big emotional eater and I don’t crave things much….but when I do, is it ever healthy?? No way. So at this point, I’m feeling like ReBody knows me for real and is making products just for me! I checked out the flavor, wondering if they would taste as good as my Tangerine Cream Fusion SafSlim does and I saw that they are mandarin orange flavor. That made me nervous as I’m not a real big mandarin orange lover. Anyway, I read the directions and saw that it is as easy as eating a chew twice a day before meals. How convenient! I can pop them in the diaper bag and have them handy for any cravings I may have away from the house! A combination of cutting-edge science, naturally derived ingredients, and avant garde delivery systems make these chews a must have for anyone looking to lose or maintain their weight! So I went ahead and ate one. The flavor?? Not a favorite of mine….but tolerable. I’m sure if you’re a mandarin orange lover, they’ll be delicious! Now at the time that I ate the first one, I wasn’t super hungry or even craving anything awful. I was just anxious to see what they were like. Over the next few days however, I had a few opportunities to test these out and to my surprise, they really helped! I was having a major craving for some ice cream a couple of days ago and instead, I popped a Hunger Chew. Guess what? I did NOT have any ice cream and no more craving! Woo hoo! I’ve officially broken my plateau of 10 lb weight loss and I think it has something to do with these Hunger Chews! I have successfully been able to ward off some major cravings! I totally recommend these if you have guilty cravings or snack too much!! Enter to win your own bag below! 

Check out the ReBody website here. It’ll give you all the info you need to buy your own Hunger Chews! (Plus you can check out their other awesome products!)
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  1. Tracy Haidle says

    Stay focused! If you know you can do then you can!

  2. Mary Beth Elderton says

    I eat a salad with a vinaigrette type dressing for lunch everyday. Not those pale ones they bring before your steak is done–my salads a huge, have lots of color, nuts, tuna or chicken, dried fruits for something sweet and pepper for something not sweet.

  3. Gail Panacci says

    No white flour or sugar

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