I hate this Town

I Hate This Town

This guest post from Werner Rogers

I am so annoyed that this town is so behind the times. People are so backwards and I can’t stand it. They think they are all high and mighty, but they are just judgmental and rude. If it wasn’t for my husband’s job here we would not be living here. I can’t wait for him to find another job so we can finally get out and try to forget about this awful place. None of the local coffee shops have wireless internet, so I had to sign up for clear 4g blue springs so that I can have access to the internet when I go anywhere. I try to keep myself buys, but it’s hard when there is nothing to do except read blogs online and go on Facebook. There are no good restaurants, and absolutely no good shopping. I have to drive about two hours to get to the nearest mall, which is such a pain. I also haven’t made many new friends, so that’s hard. I hope that we won’t have to stay here much longer, because being so isolated is starting to drive me crazy.

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