Jewelry Candle Giveaway

I love candles don’t you?  What about jewelry I know I love that too….especially when it’s hidden and you have to wait in anticipation for it….right?? Well now you can enter to win this yummy blueberry muffin candle from Jewelry Candles! They were inspired by Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! You get a premium soy wax candle PLUS jewelry hidden inside worth up to $7500! They have baked scentsfloral scentsfruity scents and more! The candle is 21 oz and has a burn time of anywhere between 110 to 150 hours! Well worth the money! Can you imagine being the winner of a $7500 piece of jewelry! Be sure and check out their full line and order yours today! Right now they have a flat rate shipping fee of $5.99….doesn’t matter if you order 1 or 100 candles! Feel free to go to theJewelry Candles Facebook Wall and tell them Savior Cents sent you! Maybe together, we can get another giveaway!

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