Kindermint – Clean out your kids closets and get paid for it!!!

KinderMint: Get Paid for Your Kid’s Used Clothing! Designer Kids Clothing – We buy it! Clean out your kid’s closets and get paid for it!


Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Order a free MINT PACK from Kindermint. *In order to reduce waste, they require a refundable deposit of $4.95.

Your Mint Pack will arrive in 2-4 business days. The Mint Pack is pre-paid and you can drop it at US post office or a nearby UPS store. You can also hand it to your mailman.

2. Stuff the MINT PACK full of kids clothes you wish to sell

Once the Mint Pack arrives, pack it full! Be sure to fill out and include your Packing Slip in the Mint Pack before you seal it. The brochure is yours to keep, and has your tracking number on it.

3. Drop the Pre-Paid MINT PACK in the mail (UPS or USPS)

You can ship your pre-paid Mint Pack by UPS or USPS. UPS is quicker. Shipping generally takes 4-15 business days. Track your MINT PACK on the Kindermint website using the unique ID on the brochure.

4. Cash in! Your choice of check or deposit to your PayPal account.


Upon receipt of your MINT PACK, Kindermint will appraise your clothing and issue a credit which you can withdraw by check or a PayPal deposit. A copy of your appraisal will accompany your payment. If any of your items do not meet Kindermint’s quality standards, we will issue a Receipt of Donation for tax write-off purposes.

It generally takes 4-10 business days (Mondays-Fridays) for Mint Packs to reach our facility. As soon as we receive your Mint Pack we will appraise it and issue a check or deposit money into your PayPal account. It typically takes between 1-3 days for us to appraise your clothing.

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