Laser Maze Review!

laser maze 2

Laser Maze Logic Game

  • Logic game with a real laser
  • 60 challenges from beginner to expert
  • Builds sequential reasoning and planning skills
  • From the makers of Rush Hour and the inventor of The Laser Game: Khet 2.0
  • Puzzle challenges by world famous puzzle-creator Wei-Hwa HuangI received this game and I was excited to open it up and try it out.  I looked at the first card and just had to laugh at myself because I didn’t have a clue how much thinking was involved in this game.  I had so much fun sitting there challenging myself to figure out the puzzles.  A lot of things I have read state that this is a one player game and I did test it out by myself but I think it could be a lot of fun to challenge others to time challenges or something like that.  It makes you really think and strategize  to figure the puzzles out.How to play: You draw a card from the deck that comes with the board, and slide it in the card holder. Then you place the pieces according to the instructions, which gives you the laser beam to track. Then, you have to use the rest of the pieces, or only what the card allows you, to redirect the laser to your goal.
    The puzzles go from extremely easy (place one mirror to change the direction of the laser) to difficult. Particularly hard are the puzzles that require you to use the beam splitter to hit multiple targets and those in which the laser hits a particular token more than once from different directions. The solutions are printed on the backs of the cards.I look forward to sitting down with my husband and 12 year old step son and going though the puzzles together!
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