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               This is the perfect toy for any person working on their times table skills.  There are 2 levels to the Multiplication Master:
Level 1 allows beginners and younger players to practice the multiplication facts of any numbers 0 to 12.  I love that this level allows the user to choose what number they would like to focus on.  After mastering the times tables for 0 to 12 in level 1 its time to move on to level 2!
Level 2  features random facts within the 0 to 21 times tables.  This level is recommended for players really looking for a challenge.
If you get the answer correct you will here a “positive” sound.  If your answer is incorrect the game will make a “negative” sound and display an X.  You get two chances to solve each multiplication fact.
At the end of 60 seconds the unit will display your score.  The top number is how many problems you solved correctly and the bottom number is the total number of problems encountered.

The Multiplication Master is fantastic NO MORE paper flash cards floating around the house for my little ones to get into!  This is great my husband and I have both started using it to brush up on our multiplication facts.
I would recommend this to anyone who has a child learning their multiplication tables or just wants to brush up on them for themselves.

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