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Welcome to the Chocolate Cicily Tote Giveaway!

Sponsored by Maggie Bags, Hosted by Mom Does Reviews!

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Mom Does Reviews and her blogger friends are excited to bring you this Maggie Bags giveaway!

The Cicily Tote: This bag is the perfect size. It is larger than the small tote to hold the right amount of needed items yet small enough to be totally cute. The Cicily Tote features the signature Maggie Bags lining and inside pockets.

One lucky winner will win this gorgeous and classy Cicily Tote in Chocolate!

This giveaway is open to US only.

The Giveaway ends 2/2 at 1159p

(AND…you will find 2 more Maggie Bags to win in the RC below)

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Participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment. Maggie Bags is responsible for prize fulfillment and shipment.

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  1. I honestly can’t think of something super funny. But umm..butt cream is something I had to use for my daughter all the time..and it sure sounds funny 🙂

  2. I have 3 kids, you never know what I will pull out!

  3. leanne garfield says

    finish dishwasher tablets samples and finish jet dry liquid sample from costco from 3 months ago. i really should that purse out more.

  4. michelle warner says

    tootsie roll with money stuck inside it, it was wierd, it looked like someone had to push it in the tootsie roll

  5. A package of ketchup

  6. Tara Darity says

    I have three kids so its always a surprise opening my purse. I find candy wrappers, action figures, socks, sippy cups……LOL

  7. I had a baseball, and crayons-no pen. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Pamela Warren says

    A Tootsie Roll with an earring stuck to it

  9. Kim Scott Barton says

    bird seed

  10. marica hawkins says

    Not sure about he funniest thing i have ever found in my purse but last week at the store i thought i was pulling out a pen to mark my list but it was a tampon then a few minutes later i pulled it out again thinking it was my chap stick lol i need pockets in my purse

  11. Elizabeth Moreno says


  12. i think it was my socks, dont know how i put them there

  13. jennifer miescher says

    I have found literal rocks in my purse. The kids were collecting.

  14. @guarddog88 says

    Chewed gum

  15. an old mcdonalds chicken mc nugget and it looked sorta like cardboard

  16. Dog biscuits

  17. probably condiment packets

  18. A piece of Sonic hamburger; must have fallen while I was eating in the car. NASTY!!

  19. Everything but what I needed!

  20. Shannon Pickin says

    I have 2 kids, so always finding weird things in my purse. Rocks, socks, food, half eaten candy, u name it, it’s been in there lol

  21. an open cup of catsup from restraunt my son was saving it but for got to tell me lol quite a mess

  22. I forget to move everything form one purse to another. Purse I hadn’t used in months, found an expired check from my Ebates- noooo $9 wasted!

  23. Debbie Moon says

    Little pebbles and rocks and of course the kids say they didn’t do it.

  24. Lainey Dale says

    someone else’s underwear. no clue who they belonged to.

  25. A pacifier that did not belong to one of my kids

  26. Katrina B. says

    I found our tv remote thanks to my toddler

  27. Joyce Jewell Lichnovsky says

    You don’t want to know

  28. I usually find crayons in my purse.

  29. barbara tryon says

    The funniest thing was some old French Fries from Burger King

  30. An opened (and melted) mini snickers bar!

  31. A can of Pepsi.

  32. Heather F. says

    I am thinking it must have been fish crisps… Don’t know how they got there, but it felt awful weird to stick my fingers in it! lol

  33. My son’s drawings on my grocery list that I need to read.

  34. Melissa DeLuka says

    Leftovers from weeks past.

  35. Nabs

  36. karen holmes purcell says

    A pacifier

  37. Chavonne H says

    Crumbs of chips and crackers.

  38. April Keller says

    Crumbs and I never can remember where they come from.

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