Milk Jug Santa and Mrs. Claus

Santa and Mrs Clause milk jugs edited I don’t know about you but here at our house we go through a few gallons of milk each week.  I have been trying to find fun things to do with the kids to use these milk jugs around our house.  Check out the super cute Santa and Mrs. Claus we made from milk jugs and other things we found around the house.

What you will need:
Elmers glue
a little water
A paint brush
White tissue paper
Red or Pink (or both) tissue paper for the cheeks
Cotton for Santas beard and Mrs. Clauses hair
And whatever materials you would like to use for the mouth, eyes, nose and buttons
(I used pipe cleaners with colored beads on them for the mouth, eyes and nose.)
Hat for Santa

I took regular elmers glue, dumped it into a bowl and added a bit of water to it.
I brushed the water/glue mixture all over the milk jug.  I tore the tissue paper in to decent size pieces and put them over the milk jug and brushed another layer of the water/glue mixture over that. I then tore small circles for the cheeks and did the same glue application.
After that dried I took a drill and put small holes in the places where I wanted the eyes, nose and the ends of the mouth.   I then placed the pipe cleaner with the beads on it in the holes.
Next, I took the cotton balls and pulled them apart a bit and glued them around the mouth for Santa and on the top of the jug for Mrs. Claus.

I cut a hole in the back where I placed rocks inside so they don’t blow away and used a sting of lights I got from Dollar Tree and put them in the jug to light it up.  My kids had fun helping me make these and were so excited to see them all lit up on our front porch.

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