MindWare Rainbow Mosaic Pattern Puzzle Review


I can’t wait to see Isaiah’s and Jude’s faces when they open the MindWare Rainbow Mosaic Pattern Puzzle!  This is a wonderful educational toy which I always love getting for my boys.  As the boys create huge floor mosaics, they will explore colors and shapes, develop early math concepts like patterns and matching and improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination.  Both of my boys love puzzles and this is a fantastic match for them.  Not only can they put the pieces together to match the cards that are included, but, they can also come up with their own awesome designs!
The pieces are bright and colorful.  They snap together easily and are also easy to take apart.  I have spend a good amount of time playing with these myself for this review! 😉  I look forward to spending many hours with my boys making wonderful designs.
Each piece is a hexagonal shape that is over 2″ across.  They will be perfect for my boys hands.  I love that there are 96 pieces included.  That is enough for each of the boys to build their own design or to work together to make one BIG picture.
The Rainbow Mosaic Pattern Puzzle is Recommended Ages: Ages 2 to 5
Check it out at http://www.mindware.com along with all there other fabulous products!


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  1. courtney hennagir says:

    wow,those are really cool!

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