Miracle Blanket Product Review

This blanket came just in time!  I received it the day before a friend of mine had her baby and I can’t wait to give it to her!
Both of my boys loved to be swaddled as they slept when they were babies.  I always found it difficult to keep them covered.  They always managed to wiggle an arm or leg out of the blanket then would get upset so I’d have to re-swaddle them.  This blanket looks like the perfect solution to this problem.
The Miracle Blanket   uses a unique, patented design that combines two of the most effective solutions to calm a fussy baby:
Classic swaddling and the lateral belly wrap.
Securely wrapped around the baby, the blanket provides gentle pressure on the abdomen to reduce fussiness.  Pediatricians have long recommended swaddling to soothe and comfort babies.
The Miracle Blanket is One Size Fits All Up to Fourteen Weeks and 100% High Quality Cotton 

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  1. I had this when Charlee was little. Couldn’t have lived without it!

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