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Oncourt Offcourt, the tennis industry leader in creative training tools, aids and practice equipment, is celebrating its 20th Anniversary! Master professional Joe Dinoffer has nearly a dozen instructional tennis videos.
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Everyone wants to hit powerful serves. The problem is big muscles dont help. A relaxed and fluid motion does. Heres one way to get a feel for a more fluid serve. Take a large towel and tie a knot in one end. Try to get the towel to end up about the same length as your racquet. Then just hold the other end and swing it as if youre serving. If the knot hits your back like this, youve got a fluidity problem. The goal is to keep the towel in continuous motion. Then from the service line toss a ball and try to hit it with the knot of the towel. If you can do this, youre definitely on your way to a better serve! www.oncourtoffcourt.com

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