Organization Help

This is a perfect pic of how I feel my house is.

This is how I wished my house looked! lol

I am on the hunt for great organizational ideas.  Ways to organize my bills, the kids toys, keep track of all the doctors appointments, you name it I want to get it organized.  I feel like I am always trying to keep my house clean. What are some great inexpensive organizational ideas you use at your house?
I am on a mission to totally organize my house and I need YOUR helpful ideas!


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  1. I am with you! when you get some tips share them with me! HA. I started trying. I bought a cheap filing cabinet for all my papers and found i ignored my bills if I stuck them in there, so I also bout one of the accordian organizers to put all my bills in other then that I am lost! Everyone says my house is not bad at all, but O feel like it looks like your first picture!

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