Original Sprout Product Review

Original Sprout was founded by Inga Tritt in 2003.  Her love of nature, art and architecture led to a successful career as a Master Stylist. Wanting to be a full time mom led her to selling her salons & spas and moving to the country, where she lives creating safe professional products for families worldwide.
* Parents trust Original Sprouts superior performance & worry-free ingredients.
* Original Sprout uses fragrances & essential oils that are approved by California’s Safe Cosmetics Program & the European Cosmetics Directive.
* Each product is made specifically without estrogen disrupting or contaminated ingredients. Certified green & clean fragrances are standard for added health benefits.
* Original Sprout is adamantly against animal testing and is proud to support Peta in the ethical treatment of animals. All products are vegan, and lanolin, used in the Baby                        hair Balm, is from wool so the sheep are not harmed.
* Original Sprout is environmentally responsible.

I was given the opportunity to review the Natural Shampoo, Deep Conditioner and the Miracle Detangler.  My hair has never felt so soft and looked so smooth and refreshed.    
This is definitely my go to shampoo and conditioner.  The cost for the Original Sprout products is more than I typically spend on my hair products but after using them I have to say they are 100% worth it.  One thing it took me a little bit to get used to is that the shampoo doesn’t lather like the cheaper shampoos I was getting…so the first time or two I used it I used too much!   After getting used to the no lather I was just using a small amount (maybe a quarter size or a little larger) which on my long hair was plenty! 
This is now a permanent fixture in my bathroom!  The smell of the Original Sprout products is a very light clean scent.  
Not only can you order the Original Sprout online but it is sold at many retailers all over the United States as well as many other countries! 🙂  I found a retailer just down the street from my house!! 

The Natural Shampoo:
Our new & improved sulfate free Natural Shampoo has added sun protection! Organic emollients detangle & make rinsing effortless, saving time & water. Scalp, hair & skin are nourished and healthy. Leaves hair shiny, hydrated & easy to comb. Parents & stylists agree it’s the best color retention shampoo ever!

The Deep Conditioner:
Hard water, sun, wind & pollution dehydrate hair making it prone to tangles, frizzies & flyaways. Our specialized family formula cares for every hair type, transforming frizzies into ringlets & flyaways into smooth, silken locks. The safe, effective and natural choice for your whole family.

The Miracle Detangler:
The champion of detanglers, our professional, QUICK RELEASE formula makes tough tangles history. Our number one selling Miracle Detangler is essential. Tangles release immediately making combing effortless. Leaves hair silky, soft & naturally fresh. Combing is fast, painless & safe. Glide through hair with organic & natural ingredients. Use any time for a freshly washed feeling or to calm frizzies!

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