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Deborah Hernan, a mother of a tween girl and former executive with Revlon, noticed the lack of products to promote skin care and personal hygiene for girls ages 7-14.  So, like any SuperMom would do, she created a natural skin and hair care line, Ottilie & Lulu, in 2009.  Her product line took off quickly and grabbed the attention of Seventeen Magazine’s Style Blog and Discovery Girls and the rest is history!

Now is the time to start a daily skin and hair care hygiene regimen for tween girls because 80% of the damage done to skin happens by the age of 17. Tween girls have delicate skin and face their own challenges. They need safe products made just for them to help them feel good and look good. Ottilie & Lulu is created with special, gentle formulations of anti-oxidants, botanicals, and vitamins – tween essentials for feeling clean and naturally beautiful. Dermatologist, allergy, and clinically tested-but not on animals.

I received the Ottilie & Lulu Tween Shampoo & Body Wash and the Detangler & Conditioner to review!
I think these products will be great for my niece for Christmas!  In order to review them I used them each and LOVED the fresh clean minty smell!
The shampoo and body wash in one was great.  With 2 small kids showers for me are usually as QUICK as possible so this was a huge plus for me!
The detangler &conditioner  was thick and creamy and worked the knots out of my hair well leaving it silky smooth.  
I can’t wait to put these in a great gift basket for my niece for Christmas!   

This Shampoo & Body Wash is perfect for girls on the go. It is a gentle, effective cleanser with a Pleasant, fresh fragrance. The formula contains oat kernels, chamomile, wheat and jojoba proteins, citrus, and Vitamin C. She can start cleaning at the top of her head and work down to the bottom of her feet with this one product. She will love the way her skin soft and silky; and her hair and scalp will feel invigorated.

Good Tween Habits: Pour some Shampoo & Body Wash into your hand and start at the top of your head. Gently massage the liquid into your hair and scalp with your fingertips. The quick lather will make bubbles everywhere! If you like pour a little onto a loofah or body sponge and rub skin gently for an extra smooth, silky feel. Rinse from head to toe in record time–unless you want to relax and take a bit longer.


This creamy Detangler & Conditioner is great for everyday use on all types of tween hair.  Avocado and jojoba oils deep condition while aloe protects tween girls’ hair from environmental stress.  Our detangler allows you to comb through hair without having to worry about those painful knots.  Hair will look perfectly shiny, and the wild mint scent will make hair smell terrific!

Good Tween Habits: After rinsing out Ottilie & Lulu Tween Shampoo & Body Wash, apply Shiny Silky Detangler & Conditioner.  Pour into the palm of your hand, rub hands together and smooth all over your hair. Massage your hair and scalp for at least 1 minute.  Use fingers to comb through your hair from the front of your scalp to the back of your head and down to the ends of your hair.  Rinse.  Your hair will feel silky, smooth and smell great.  If you have a few fly away strands before you style, dab a little of the conditioner on those pieces.  And to get the very last bit out of your bottle, add a drop of water.

To check out the other awesome products visit their site Ottilie & Lulu 
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