Fall Door Decor!

Every year in the fall I put up a wreath I made with flowers and leaves from Dollar Tree.  This year my boys wanted to help so we made another trip to Dollar Tree for some supplies.   We found cute little Styrofoam pumpkins and a black marker.  When we got home I cute each […]

Fresh Start

It is time for me to make a fresh start.  My boys are all in school so its time for this mommy to get back to work.  I was unsure of where to start with well everything.  This is all new for me being home with no kids. I am excited to start this new […]

Great Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill this Summer!

  Summer is here and its that time of year when electric bills can go sky high!  Try some of these great ways to lower your electric bill this summer. Check all the utility companies in your area to make sure your getting the best possible rate for your family. Keep your drapes or blinds […]

Win over $650 in With Etsy!

3rd Annual Excellant Etsy Giveaway – Over $650 in Cash & Prizes! The winner will receive $250 Easy Gift Card from Whole Mom, 4 Beautiful Animal Prints from Berkley Illustration, Two Peas In A Pod (Mother and Child) Infinity Bracelet from Otis B Jewelry, $100 Gift Card from AHeirloom, 10 Patterns from Two Girls Patterns, $25 Gift Card from Embroitique, Personalized Family […]

Almost 30….

Well I’m just days away from turning 30 and I’m really not quite sure how I feel about it.  I’m not freaked out about getting older or anything like that.  I think I am more freaked out about where I am in my life right now.  I’m a stay at home mom and I love […]

Great Outfit Ideas for Moms on the Go

Great Outfit Ideas for Moms on the Go Mom has so many rolls to play throughout the day: bus driver, nurse, teacher, hair dresser, the list goes on and on! Sometimes it is hard to imagine taking time out from all of those duties to dress well every day, but somehow, you see other moms […]

Family Picnic Fun – Enter to Win

My boys love to go to the park with a picnic lunch.   Enter this giveaway for the ultimate picnic basket! Gather your family and friends, because Womensforum.com is ready to set you up with the perfect summertime picnic! Win a picnic basket, blanket, outdoor dining kit and even an outdoor MP3 speaker to create […]

A Fresh Start

I’ve really been confused with my blog this past year or so.  I’m not sure what direction to go in and I get overwhelmed by it.  I started getting easily frustrated with the whole thing and really stopped enjoying it.  I took a break but still found myself frustrated with myself if that makes any […]

Do You Use Christmas Lights etc. All Year Round?

I love sitting out side with my husband in the evenings on the warm summer nights with my family.  I have been looking for ways to decorate and add light to our patio area.  Driving down the road the other day I noticed people had Halloween lights, Christmas lights etc. up instead of solar lights. […]

Skintrium Giveaway

I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for skin care products to help my skin look more flawless and beautiful.  If your like me then you will want to check out these products from Skintrum, especially their Skintrium Facial Collection. I always wonder about the dark circles under my eyes.  I can’t ever seem […]