– The simple, fun and FREE way to manage your money!

I have personally signed up for and can’t wait to start being more in charge of my money!
I have it linked to my bank accounts and haven’t had any issues  ( I know this is a concern for many of you) – Fun with finances. You start on Payoff by sharing your dreams and setting up goals that motivate you (like paying off a credit card or saving for a trip). Then link your accounts to track your finances and see where you’re spending. As you make progress you’ll earn badges and even win cash sur-prizes. To help you reach your goals faster we offer handpicked tools and blog posts along the way. It’s social, simple and fun!

How Works is a free service that allows users to view all of their financial information in one place. After providing their secure site with the account information, user names, and passwords for each financial institution you have a relationship with, the service will automatically extract the necessary data from each account. Information is then compiled, summarized, and displayed. At no point do users of, or the site itself, have the ability to make any changes to any of your accounts.

Once all your data is in front of you in one place, you can set financial goals, and start to explore the more unique features of the site. is different in that it encourages sharing financial goals with others through social media to provide motivation for attaining them. Incentives also include fun badges for achievements such as paying off your credit cards and building up an emergency savings account. even awards cash, what they call “Sur-Prizes,” to people who have won badges. The whole idea is to employ social tools to make financial management fun.

Key Features

  • Financial Dashboard. Like other similar sites, allows users to collect information from all of their accounts in a single place. Bank account, credit card, and loan information can then easily be tracked.
  • Social Networking Integration. Users share their financial goals and dreams with others though and connections to Facebook.
  • Spending Monitors. The system is powerful enough to categorize credit, debit, and bill pay transactions by merchant, allowing users to see how much of their money is going to specific companies.
  • Fun Badges. Users can motivate themselves to achieve their goals with the prospect of earning badges for debt reduction or increasing their savings.
  • Cash Prizes. If fun badges weren’t enough, there is also the possibility that users will actually receive a cash prize when they reach their goals.
  • Track Spending. How much did you spend at the local coffee shop last month? How much money did you spend on gas? These are the kinds of questions that users will instantly be able to answer.



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