Popcorn, get your Rocky Mountain Popcorn here LOL ! I must confess I love some good old popcorn and so do my family. I’m happy that Rocky Mountain Popcorn allowed me to try out their brand of popcorn. I received twelve bags in a nice box last week and I think we may have one bag left. *smiling*

I had never heard of Rocky Mountain Popcorn before and I wasn’t to sure as to how it would taste. So I had my husband try it out first while he was watching the Baseball game.
So I handed him a bag of white_cheddar popcorn and Lord and behold less then five minutes it was gone, see for yourself————————-> LOL
The bag was flat as can be LOL. I turned to ask what he thought of the popcorn and he replied, ( man, that was nasty, please pass me another bag)…lol lolMy family and I agreed that Rocky Mountain Popcorn is great tasting popcorn that is light, fresh, whole grain, gluten & nut free.You won’t go wrong with any favor you try. (White Cheddar, Carmel, Butter, Naked and more)!
Here’s a little information about Rocky Mountain Popcorn:
 It’s classically American, like no other snack, always a healthy, yummy, bag of fun.  Who doesn’t say the word popcorn and smile?  And popcorn is a whole grain snack, so go ahead and munch, guilt – free.  Plus, Rocky Mountain Popcorn is all natural, gluten-free, nut-free and certified non-GMO. Give yourself and your loved ones the very best in snacking; share the love with America’s favorite…Rocky Mountain Popcorn! For nutritional information on our individual flavors, click here: White Cheddar, Caramel, Cinnamon Sugar, Kettle, Jalapeno, Butter, Naked, Southwest Cheddar (formerly Red Chili).
Now you too can get you Popcorn, get your Rocky Mountain Popcorn here!! 
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  1. Maria McKnight says

    Thanks for the opportunity! My family and I love popcorn so much we buy the kernals in the 25# bag!

  2. WE love popcorn

  3. I would love to try the Southwest Cheddar!

  4. Paige Kelley says

    White Cheddar. Yummy!

  5. B utter flavor thank you

  6. tracy webb says

    white chedder, love it

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