Prom: Wonderful Memories!

prom dresses Prom can be such a fun time for girls.  Getting to pick out the perfect beautiful dress like these from
I remember my senior prom!  Going dress shopping with my mom was so much fun.  Trying on all the sparkly dresses. There were long dresses, short dresses and mid length ones too. I tend to think the longer dresses make me look short so I went with a mid length dress.  My dress was a beautiful pale blue that had a v cut out up the bottom in the front to show my knees.  I loved that it was shorter so I would be able to easily dance around with all my friends.
The day of prom my aunt came over and did my hair and my cousin Melissa came over so we could get ready together.  It was going to be such a fun night of family and friends.   My other cousin Luke and his date met up with Melissa, her date Joe and me and my date.  We all posed happily for pictures. Then we all went out for a nice dinner then on to dancing and having a good time being together.
Every year after our prom they had what they called “post prom”  it was their way of keeping everyone safe after prom.  We would all go to the gym at our school where the parents and teachers had set up games and activities for us all.  I remember we went and changed into some comfy clothes and shoes and were ready!  They had some amazing things set up like karaoke, sumo suits for “wrestling” and even a pie toss where we got the chance to throw pies at the teachers.  Everyone was in such good spirits running around dancing playing games and having a blast!
When it was time to go home my cousin Melissa and I went back to my house and started taking out all the bobby pins from our hair.  I remember cracking up at each other because our hair looked so crazy.  I looked like I had just stuck my finger in a light socket.  We took some after pictures that I still have and look at and laugh.
My senior prom was definitely a night I will remember and tell my boys about when they are getting ready for their proms.

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